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Store Revamp Project

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People often ask about how to grow their businesses and maximize profit with the resources available to them. We here at LTEMP often ask the same question, and we concluded that growing businesses isn’t only about selling things, it is also about helping people.

LTEMP is more than just a group of people with a warehouse trying to push cheaply made and packaged merchandise to our retail customers, we care about quality and presentation of not only our own product but also about the presentation of our retail customers stores--because it is key to increase sales. This is how we as a wholesaler/distributor help our retail customers, we are willing to work with them to create a better experience for their customers.

Below is one of the projects that demonstrates our capabilities.

This is what one of our local store looks like before the revamp project (picture A), it was in total disarray with multiple packages mixed together with no organization by model or style. The products may be great but the mess and the cheap packaging is what keeps the customers from opening their wallets because they just don’t look valuable or appealing to the eye. Another reason why messiness and cheap looking products aren’t good for business because customers don’t like messy store fronts. The owner of the store was eager to turn her store around with our help.

Picture A

Here is how we help give your store a brand new look:

1. We measure the wall space to calculate the number of products that can be displayed on the wall.

2. We work with the owner to organize the wall based on their needs and in the process create the list of products to be placed on their wall.

3. If the customer is local we visit them in store and help set up the wall as shown below in picture B.

4. If the customer is out of state we provide example photos and specific instructions such as the quantities and spacing distances both vertically and horizontally.

5. Finally, we will periodically check in with the owners on the status of the wall, and work with the owner to update the wall if there is any new product or they want to change the wall up if items are not moving.

Picture B

If you are already remodeling your business or are thinking about giving your store a brand new look--feel free to visit our showroom or if you are not able to, we can have video conference in our showroom so you can see how we can help revive your business!